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Caldaro (Kaltern)

The picturesque village of Caldaro is located southwest of Bolzano, situated between the villages of Appiano (Eppan) and Termeno (Termin) and at the foot of the mountain Mendola (Mendel).

Caldaro lies upon a hilly terrain and together or because of Lake Caldaro you can enjoy a Mediterranean flair in the midst of the Alps. Our culture is a combination of the typical Tyrolean tradition and the Italian lifestyle. This is especially evident in the different kinds of food and dishes: many restaurants in Caldaro offer the hearty Tyrolean food and the delightful Italian cuisine. Do not miss out on the feeling of the dolce vita with an aperitif on our lake!

Our village offers a wine museum, which will show you our culture of the grape. Our wineries do also offer tours and tastings of the Tyrolean wine.

Southern South Tyrol


In South Tyrol there are more than 400 castles and historical palaces, some of which are located in the surrounding area: for example the St. Peter’s Basilica ruins from the 4th century in Castelvecchio. Especially interesting is the point of view which you can enjoy from behind our local village church. Here begins the path of the Rastenbachklamm which is entertaining with its stairs and bridges, especially for children. Among the nearby attractions are the three castles in Missiano at Appiano (Castel Korb – Castle Boymont – Castel Hocheppan).

An absolutely must-see are the ice holes in Appiano, a natural phenomenon which can only be found a second time in the US. It is a high alpine flora where a temperature crash of uo to 20° is achieved even in the midsummer 35° heat.

The Mendel-cable- railway, the Botanic Gardens Trauttmansdorff, the both lakes of Monticolo, the Canyon Bletterbachschlucht in Aldino, the Monte Corno Nature Park, the Dolomites, the earth pyramids at Renon and the Iceman in the archaeology museum in Bolzano are just a couple attractions also worth to see.

“Nature and culture just pure enjoyment”

The four seasons


On wonderful walking tour though the flowering fruit plantations and green forest you can enjoy the warmth mild spring breeze. If you are looking out the window of our flats or if you are making an excursion, at every time you will find some flowering trees.


The great variety of our offers during the summer doesn’t admit any boredom. You can go for a mountain hike in the morning and dangle your legs in the lake in the afternoon. Or you could go skiing on the glacier in the morning, eating ice cream in the afternoon and visit a musical on the air theatre on the lake in the evening.


In addition you get the grape and the apple harvest during September/October live on the spot. A absolutely must is the traditional Törggelen where you can try the new wine.


If you are want to come for a weekend to visit the Christmas Market in Bolzano, the Christmas crib exhibition in St. Paolo, celebrating New Year or enjoy some sunny days skiing, our house is open for you all year.

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